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Energy is essential for human activities such as industrial manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, and communication. Society is increasingly aware that fossil fuels are unsustainable. There is an urgent need to find efficient and sustainable ways to produce clean energy in the near future and to store it accordingly. Our group is focused on the design of advanced hybrid and nanostructured materials to promote the change toward a circular economy with CO2 neutral mobility.

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Irune Villaluenga - Villaluenga lab

Dr. Irune Villaluenga

Her main research line is focused on the design of innovative solid nanostructured hybrid macromolecular battery materials. She is interested in the creation of new processes of assembly that enable the formation of 100% dense membranes where the distribution of inorganic and organic phases presents nanoscale homogeneity in order to improve battery performance. She is also interested in electrochemical and safety studies for battery applications.


Researcher Rafa del Olmo - Villaluenga lab

Dr. Rafael Del Olmo

Researcher Daniela de Morais Villaluenga lab

Dr. Daniela de Morais Zanata

Researcher Sima Lashkari - Villaluenga Lab

Dr. Sima Lashkari

Researcher Federica Santino - Villaluenga lab

Dr. Federica Santino


Researcher Natalia Stankiewicz Villaluenga lab

Natalia Stankiewicz

Researcher Carlos Villacis - Villaluenga lab

Carlos Villacis

Researcher Marcela de Paula - Villaluenga lab

Marcela de Paula Ramos

Researcher Anto P. Varghese - Villaluenga lab

Anto P. Varghese

Researcher Ane Urigoitia - Villaluenga lab

Ane Urigoitia